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Sunday, January 2, 2011

GE Whiz Fan - Completed! (PART II)


I had some time today after returning from the Saints/Bucs fiasco, so I decided to finish my 1921 GE Whiz Oscillation fan. This is more of a preservation project rather than a complete restoration in my opinion.

I was able to preserve most of the original GE factory dark green paint.
I disassembled everything, cleaning all parts & components. I polished out the rotor, cage & blades to a mirror finish. I then replaced all electrical & re-oiled the wicks.
After a few coats of polish on the paint, it is looking very clean & fresh.

It works just great. Not bad for being about 90 years old!

I am still learning and consider myself to be an amateur in training, but I do enjoy the adventure and the ability to renew the past.


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Keith said...

Looks like you did a great job on your fan! I just found a stationary (non oscillating) GE Whiz fan and did the same type of job to mine that you did to yours. I works just great! Pardon the pun here, but I'm a real "fan" of vintage GE fans. One that was pulled from a trash pile in 1972 is still going strong. And the're so much nicer than a cheap plastic fan.