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Saturday, January 9, 2010


In the midst of the cold morning air, I look down. I see the cracked faded gray concrete. I notice the stillness of the bare, winter trees. I breathe in the unmistakable almost sacred aroma of change. A gentle undertone...but it is there.
It is akin to how some train to break wood with their hands, how select few can decipher homogeneous fine wine and pick out individual flavors, how others observe ghosts, & how some people are truly fortunate enough to see how simple, yet how magical each moment of life can be. If they only choose to "see"

It is about filtering. To remove the artificial blinders, the ads, the media, the TV, the Internet, the distractions that encompassed we all call "life" --- it is getting back to the path. The reason behind it all, the very purpose for living itself. To seek out something more worthy of our time.

I find myself at crossroad in my life. Shedding the past, shedding those in my life that are simply not genuine, not meaningful, not part of who I am. It is not a slight to these people, nor personal. It is what it is. life is more than loving your loved ones, it is truly experiencing life. It is not someone forcing you to appreciate and respect those who are fundamentally disrespectful & selfish. Your actions define who you are, and blood or no blood, I stopped caring to keep our false relationships alive. I wish them no harm, only blessings. I don't want them to change who they are, just stop pretending to the world about what they have become.

Change is certain...Through action, change is focused. Through focus, change is guided. Through this guiding, change is meaningful.

I am unsure what this means for my life in 2010, but I know it will be monumental.
Crossroads. Where will my path lead me?