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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eden Falls - Arkansas 2009


Eden Falls (Lost Valley - Ponca, AR) 6/16/09

Today we hiked up to Eden Falls and Cave area near Ponca, AR inside of Lost Valley National Park.
Really nice day, paths were wet after rains this morning, but that left plenty of water in the falls
to make our hike worthwhile! Beautiful place.
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Dogs --- The moment

As our border collie, Sonoma jumps around the rustic Ozark cabin it makes me realize something rather is all about what you make of each moment. This dog just rode over 800 miles staying in 2 different hotels along the way, then arrived at a isolated cabin high in the Ozarks and immediately adapted to each and every phase along the way, without question, complaint nor concern. Dogs are just simple like that --- happily following their human family and pack wherever the winds of change or the fields of fun may lead.

How many people do you know would just hop into a truck & ride aimlessly for 2 days without once knowing or asking about where they were headed, what the weather might be like, what activities would they do upon arrival nor when if ever they would be returning back home...

But, I guess home is where your family is.....not a particular city nor street, but just a boulevard of unconditional love & partnership. It must be part of the amazing loyalty, dedication and adoration that dogs have for their family, a true sense of "I would follow you to the ends of the Earth" friendship.

If only we could all learn the simple lessons of living & loving in the moment, this whole world would benefit. :)