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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The path & the past. (1931 Delco)

I vacillate between hobbies & interests from year to year, sometimes even season to season within the same year. Over the last 12 months, I have stuck with vintage fan restoration for some strange reason. This is probably the same handy nostalgia that keeps me pegged with pocketwatches, vintage tractors, visiting old trains and the hope of having a Model A Ford one day. This is unconventional thinking for an engineer in their mid 30s with no obvious link to rural America, nor family members who share any similar interests.

Yes, I would say that I am linked to the past, and I am an old soul. I truly believe that your DNA code is not only a map of who you will be, nor what you will look like physically, but a covert payload of memories, interests & stories from your past ancestors to which to learn. This gift is a transparent treasure box or time capsule that will release its historical contents to those willing to listen & take the time to learn from those memories.

I believe that while living in the present is good, learning & appreciating the marvels of the past is also just as amazing. I enjoy trying to comprehend how those who came before us with no Internet, no google search engines, nor any ability to communicate with the masses were able to invent the items that revolutionized the world & led us all to the discoveries that we take for granted each day.

I also see a simplier time. A time with less grandeur, less comfort, but more dedication, self-responsibility & solid work ethics. I try to emulate the basics of those principles today in my life.

I discovered another antique fan this past weekend and somehow it made it to the top of the proverbial list of patients (victims) to be restored. We were antique shopping in Denham Springs and finally found a shop willing to bargain & completely enjoyed the experience.

After a complete disassembly, cleaning, lubing, rewiring, sanding, polishing & painting --- it is good to go. Nice, strong 80 year old fan. Amazing.

1931 DELCO 12" FAN
Still Working but slow & rough.

Will make a nice Christmas gift. Who?


Before Pic - 1931 Delco Fan