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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tired ---- Overvaluing work?

Sitting here, I am still growing tired of the everyday stress, expectations and unyielding demands of my work. I try to maintain the presence of my jovial & passionate spirit, but slowly...quietly...I am losing my grasp on the reality of my sanity & the corporate executive metrics that measure my personal worth.

Spending more time at work than anywhere else, it does impact must impact you to some degree. Feeling overworked and undervalued has become common-place and accepted, but I guess I have always strived to break that mold by always striving and acheiving more than expected, even in spite of the expectations.

That bar that has been so feverishly raised over the last several years is now honing itself to become my nemesis of destruction, my razor-sharp measuring stick...the essence of my professional value. I am better than what I have allowed myself to become, better than what I have been judged and given more of myself than most all for the altruistic team goal of progress & success.

I assume over time when you are criticized, critiqued, judged, undervalued and essentially just unappreciated, it gets to you every once in a while. It is part of working for a corporation and really caring passionately about who you are and what you do. It still stings for a while, but I guess it is just the Queen bee reminding you that even as bright and educated as you think you are, you are still just another worker bee..... in their hive, so get back to work. :)

I strive each day to do the right thing, to care about what I do and how my actions contribute to the overall team success. I have given up and lost more than most in their lives simply by always overvaluing work...been through bad marriages, 2 children, multiple homes, jobs, numerous relationships and many other events that I simply had to lose somewhere along the way. I should blame myself for caring too much, but I cannot stop who I am...

I am not unique in this, but some people really leave their lives at work when they leave. I don't know who they are, but I need to find a way to balance my life and not lose sight that this is just a job, just a method of trading my time for money, a way to contribute passionately to the success of someone else's business and bottom line.

I am not complaining, rather I am eternally thankful for my position within this great company --- I just need more balance. I need to accept the role that I perform and not attach my own personal self-value to the impressions, nor approvals of my superiors.

I am still maturing in this, but life is more than work...more than what people may do, say or think about, keep buzzing around & keep smiling. :D


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Lindylou said...


Your value and worth is not dependent on any corporation measuring system.

In Christ, you can be fully secure in who you are and what you do regardless of how others value or judge you and your work.

There is only one voice that matters - God's! You work for an audience of One. The more you get to know Him, and spend time with Him, you will find He is quite easy to please, much easier than any worldly boss or corporation...and He always is extending His grace. Matter of fact, the Bible says that "His grace is sufficient" for every need you may ever have, any sort coming, any error, any mistake, anything!

So forget about pleasing yourself and others and learn to please the Only One who will not keep you on the rat-race of life. You are not His worker bee, you are His precious son, adopted into His royal family. When you understand these concepts you live all of life, including life at work, for Him, and His pleasure.

So get out of the bee colony, and just be who God created you to be. For Him, that is enough, all you ever will need to be.