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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hyloft Ceiling Storage


Ask me how difficult it is to install a ceiling mount storage system by yourself?
LOL. Keep 2 things handy ----- an oversized carpenter square and a truck load of patience.......
This HYLOFT HEAVY DUTY storage system will hold over 500lbs and store up to 27 storage boxes.
Right now, the left side is storing some of my model airplane gear and the rest is just stuff that was on the ground. It looks smaller in the photo, this system is actually 6' wide and 4' deep. Check out more of these solutions from Hyloft at their site: HYLOFT STORAGE

Nice system, good price, just bring your A-game with carpentry skills & a loud radio to cover your swearing from the noisy neighbors.... ;) LOL.

Fun, fun....
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Lindylou said...

I want a few of these! Do you do house calls?