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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seeing the path for what it is...

Note to self:

Look up, look down. I am high in the mountains, I am low in the valley. I am sad, happy, indifferent & excited. What I have failed to understand until my dream last night is that the path is what it is, it is rocky at times, it is plain smooth, it is comfortable and even comforting, but none of that matters.

The path is the all of its variations.

Don't wince, whine nor wonder about the emotions you feel at any particular time.
Learn to be balanced all of the time. Learn to live with inner joy & quiet strength.
Anger, fear, violence... are just as impressive as happiness, rebirth & safety.

Why? Because it always changes, it constantly changes. Nothing remains the same.
Just as darkness always comes each evening, The sun also rises each morning.

So each moment is nothing but transient.
Be calm, be present in all things.

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Lindylou said...

Yes, Solomon of the Bible would agree with you. There is nothing new under the sun. Everything changes, except for God. He is the only constant in existence - the Self-Existent One.

And it is always good to remember, This too Shall Pass. With the sun that rises every morning, God's mercies are also newly available each morning.

That always helps me, to know that no matter how bad a day seems, I will never have to live that day again. And with God in my life, My Soveriegn Father God, I have hope for tomorrow to be better than I am currently today.

I love you!