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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I love the favorite time of the year. New growth, new start, clean slate.
I am feeling much better (decided to heal myself with probiotics and so far it is working pretty well --- who knows if it is the ultimate cure?) I digress and return to the gardens of spring! :)

We planted a ton of new spring flowers, replenished the soil, and remulched all of the beds. I even got to plant my first vegetable plants (in about 4 years) since I used to disc, plow and sow at least an acre of home growth veggies on my 10 acre property in Hammond. I miss the land and the enjoyment of eating truly fresh produce on a daily basis, at least during 10 months of the year. :)

My Restored 1948 Ford 8N Tractor - Hammond 2004

This year I am growing straight-neck yellow squash, zucchini, sugar snap peas for starters. My space is far more limited (whole property is 1/2 acre in a subdivision - but luckily I live on a pond and I have no neighbors behind me to worry about!) I am excited about the potentials of growing vegetables is making something amazing, healthy and natural out of something so basic.

I mostly enjoy getting back to basics & clearing my head of all of the work & busy life nonsense --- getting my hands dirty, feeling the warm wet natural soil between my hands and under my nails, it brings me back to a simpler way of life, a simpler place in the past, my farming ancestry, the history of mankind when "living life" wasn't an advertising slogan, it was way things were...

Katey back when age 6 - Hammond crop!

SPRINGTIME is good.... life is good. :)

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