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Monday, March 9, 2009

See what's wrong?

Well, I have been suffering from a chronic stomach illness/issue for approximately 12 days now. The acid, cramps, soreness and nausea have been harrowing at times, but I have a upper GI endoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. Ulcer, Acid Reflux, Virus, Gastritis, or something else?

Well, I should know something in quick order. The operation is for 10am and probably by noon will have the news. At least, I am getting the answers...I am so relieved to finally figure out what has been the source of my recent severe stomach issues.

Not the most exciting pithy comments tonight, just life. :)

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Lindylou said...

Andy, What is going on? I have the same thing. I am going to the doctor again tomorrow. This has been so horrible. They can't figure out what it is. I can't eat. I am so bloated. And now I feel like pins or sticking into my front and back chest area. I can't wear a seat belt because it causes to much pain. Let me know when you find out what is wrong.