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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Organic Life - Back to Basics.

After my recent digestive issues, I have decided to renew my commitment to keeping my body healthy and strong once again. Even though my "usual diet" was pretty good, I have opted to remove all fried, greasy, fattening & simply unhealthy foods from my consumption. This also includes red meat, for my own personal reasons. I enjoy fresh chicken, fish and turkey just fine, but I am making certain that I get at least 3 servings of fruit/vegetable/nuts per day. Of course, I only drink water and have not consumed caffeine since 1999 --- so nothing lost in that dept.

In reality the once a day morning yogurt/probiotics has done wonders for me and has alleviated at least 90% of all of my symptoms and problems. Not sure if it just the cultures or perhaps coupled with my diet regime, it all is finally working together.

For the workout side, I am back in the gym and when I cannot make it to the club, I do my 50 pushups, 50 pullups and 100 situps routines along with running on the treadmills and doing dumbbell curls, shoulder shrugs and lateral raises. Most of the prior routines are done in anaerobic superset circuit phases without any rest. The only that I wish that I had at home was a Smith machine. That way I could safely and easily do squats, bench pressing, military presses & more without any issue.
(Maybe for Christmas!!!)

I digress...

Good week of work, very hectic...very rewarding as I am balancing a lot of projects and yet everything is still making it through and getting done....on time & on budget.
It is a very stressful role, but I am committed to being a good leader and ensuring the success of the team. I am thankful...

On the home front, Katey was inducted in the National Junior Honor Society this past week and I am so proud. Her GPA in Honors 7th grade is 3.9 and she is a great daughter who I know will be a true success in life....inside and out. I just hope that I continue to be able to be a positive influence on her and that I make the right decisions to help her move forward into becoming an honorable, respectful, independent and confident young woman.

Nick is coming to visit week after next and I am actually taking some time off (3 days!) to spend time with him and hang out. He is a great little boy and I miss him dearly. :P

Well, off to make breakfast and enjoy the dreary, wet day with a smile. :)

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