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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Being Myself

Another couple weeks have gone by and through it all I am realizing some important things about life. You never know how much time you have, nor what will happen tomorrow to change your world today. You simply have to live, you have to believe that you are truly being yourself in a world that cherishes the opportunity to stereotype, label, pigeon-hole and define the masses into a homogeneous herd. For some, blending in to the background, choosing to be another unremarkable Angus in the cattle pen, that is just fine and preferable.

For me, I want to be uniquely me. (LOL) --- I want to be myself. For the most part honestly, I am myself. I laugh alot, poke fun at myself and others and just simply love life. Sure I have my moments of puppeteering, where I need to be someone else, I need to more than I am today. I pull some strings and BAM --- my alter egos tend to shift me into high gear sometimes and I follow simply to fulfill the past, or some higher image I had of myself that made me "so much more interesting" than who I am. I think we all identify ourselves with other people and in some ways try to mold our image, our character, our lives in that image.

That is OK --- but at the end of the day, be yourself and never lose sight of what makes you feel like yourself, what makes you smile.

We are all moving forward and what a wonderfully happy place it would be if we all just be ourselves. Well, maybe not everyone...... :P

Off to go hiking in Louisiana....I mean walking across flat, marshy bog land. :)


Lake Ramsey Trail 3/8/09

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