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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Working away packetville

It has been quite some time since I posted anything about work. This week has been crazy with getting things prepared for some upcoming major projects. Designing large networks, preparing configurations, drafting up major hardware orders and putting the schedules is all part of the job. It is definitely not all technical anymore, but certainly a measure of managing resources, engineers and assets that combine to keep our infrastructure working properly. I stayed late tonight rebuilding some older Cisco routers, updating them and testing them on the network. I always find a special joy when I can pull something old that hasn't functioned in years (in this case, it was about 5 years) and put it to use. For some reason firing up those old machines, putting blood (electrons) back into those unused veins (circuit paths) makes me smile. I plan on putting one of these units back into use if nothing else, for some routine, but fun task. :)

Can I route the peanut butter over to the toast? Yummy

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