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Monday, August 11, 2008

Changes...Daughter moves back home.

Well, my 12 year old daughter (Katey) decided to move back home here recently, and it has been an adventure. In my heart, I felt it was a good thing for her and would provide us a chance to reconnect, bind and provide her a new start. I got her registered for school last week and she got into Honors (4 Honors courses) - I am proud of her capabilities and adaptability. She is an amazing child, and I think she will really florish in this environment. The biggest battle is deciding if she is going to bring her lunch or not, not much else. I will now have to jump back into parenting mode full-time and that will be interesting to adjust to ---

Outside of that and the overall expenses of late, life is good.
I need to get all of my pics formatted for my website and a few other things, but
the Saints are starting up soon and I am still alive and kickin' --- so things could be worse!

Will try to update more frequently than once every 2 months.

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