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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hobby #10 : Pyrotechnician


I thought I would make a list of my 10 favorite hobbies. :)
Starting in no particular order and counting down.

Hobby #10: Fireworks
This is a picture of me (in black t-shirt - click on image for bigger picture) loading aerial shells for a big fireworks show. I was working as lead on the Pyrotechnico Fireworks Crew for a recent casino fireworks show in MS. The power and magic of a fireworks show is simply amazing but pales in comparison to the work it takes to prepare a barge for a show. We are talking 18 hours of hot, grueling work for a 12 minute show. Not the best trade-off, but loads of power packed fun! :)

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lindylou said...

I love this idea....I am going to lift it and litter my hobbies through my posting life. I love you to pieces.

lindylou said...

Also, what an be lead pyrotechnician...I always wondered who ended up getting "fun" jobs like that! My son, Andrew, would love to do this with you and he would be great at it...he is a very logical....mechanical..thinker. It would be a dream vacation!