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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Story

I had to evacuate for yet another major hurricane. This time for Hurricane Gustav.
Right now it is looking like it will slow down and be a little milder than expected originally. I had to evacuate due to deployment orders with my work to Houston. We have been working in our Disaster Recovery Ops Center non-stop since Saturday. 45 mins of sleep in last 2 days and counting. Going to let the team grab a few hours, then head back out from tonight until the storm passes tomorrow. How will the house hold up, who will flood, who will not? Another rebuild or just a really rough shower?

We shall see. :)


lindylou said...

Hi Andy,

Glad to here you are alive and in Houston....(-: Not that you have not been busy with work. Are you holding up? I love you.

lindylou said...

I am trying to create a skype account to talk with you but it is taking forever to download.