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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav is Gu...Gone.

So, here I sit at our Ops Command Center in Houston as lead on the Network Infrastructure & Operations. The systems all performed flawlessly
and it was literally just another day. The contrast between the bank's infrastructure during this disaster and during Katrina was literally akin to the difference between the two aforementioned storms themselves. I guess it pays to design, build and implement a world-class network if you want quality results. :)
So many people contributed to the collective vision, and it is really nice to observe
its realization when it is truly needed.

So, Gustav is gone...hopefully I will be doing the same...shortly.
I have no damage at home for now, but I heard that there are a multitude of tornados inflicting major damage right now in Mandeville, LA I am not clear yet.

Heading home...mending my life and getting back to some bit of normalcy.
Just another chalk up to my path & life experience...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations with the great job you did with the Bank! I am a proud sister of an incredibly intelligent and highly capable younger brother! Way to go!