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Friday, February 13, 2009


Just took a trip to Prattville, AL yesterday. We have a major data center and operations facility relocation project scheduled for June 1st, 2009. Essentially we are retrofitting a 150 year old building into something that will work as a top tier
facility. Not an easy task. Lots of work remain left to be completed...lots of projects on my board, lots of irons in the fire...I need to keep them all hot.

That will be challenging.

It was a cool, refreshing morning as the sun rose quietly over the 2nd hole fairway behind my hotel. Situated perfectly, nestled on the Capitol Hill Golf Course, the hotel was a sight to behold even for a non-traditional country club type. I admire the beauty, the raw creativity & even the elitist showmanship that a "golf course community" exhibits so calmly, a form of understated entitlement. I know it would never be a lifestyle that I chose, but to each their own. Let it be. :)

I am tripping out a tad bit on the workload and number of projects right now, but I know that I must keep it all calm & under control. There are a lot of people depending on my ability to stay focused, remain diligent & manage everything without failure.
It is significantly more taxing than I ever let show and maybe that is not a good thing, but at the end of the day...I must get the job done. No worries, no whining and certainly without failure.

Better Days...Better Days are coming. I am learning to appreciate life, appreciate the joys of feeling each emotion, and knowing that as I highly as I might personally regard myself when it comes to work, they could replace me within a week and the show would most certainly go on. You cannot dwell on that cold, hard fact of life, but we must all strive to deliver while we are on the field, because each play, each day we are being judged, we are being critiqued, no matter who we are. At the end of it all,
to know that you gave all you had, that is all you could ever ask for...all you could ever want. Off to the grind, make a difference while you are still out there, Andy.

Achievement is not always defined by victory. Sometimes achievement lies in the honest endeavor to do your best under all circumstances, knowing that on any given day, intense personal effort may be the only thing keeps you moving forward.


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