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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Embrace --- Dream becomes a blog.

Woke up with the phrase "EMBRACE" in my mind. I casually pieced together some thoughts when I was waking up, but nothing made a lot of sense, and I went back to sleep. As I slipped back into my dream, the phrase came back to me again. I was told by a mysterious person in my dream, to embrace. Embrace everything around you. Embrace who you are and who are not just as equally. Don't live another life, live your own. Embrace the differences, the joys, the sorrows, the pain and the true beauty of life. Embrace everything.


249.010   EMBRACE THE MOMENT. :)

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Lindylou said...

Hi, my again, your loyal blog visitor....

Embrace...hmmm, that sounds like it could have been a good guess is it came from God.

The enemy would never tell you to do such a foolish thing...if you did that you might become whole, content, growingly fulfilled.

Oh, My!