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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Orlando or bust?

Spent last week in Orlando at a VoiceCon 2008 conference. It wasn't nearly as much fun as I would have imagined it might have been. Bored, tired technical seminars and just a plain-jabe exhibit hall. The food of course by Naw'lins standards was just about par with takeout, nothing exciting --- I did get most of my tasks completed and contacts were established with all critical industry players at the event, but all of that could have been facilitate in 1 day, not 5. All in all, I still find myself tired from the whole shebang as well as the piles of tasks I had waiting for me to analyze and sort out when I returned to my faithful grindwheel.

Oh grand grindwheel show me how you turn...grind my will down to dust and then leave me here to burn...abandon me, but make me remember why I came...for Andy is merely a good distraction at best on this big orbiting plain...dust to dust, distraction is my only saving grace is my ability to adapt, like steel to rust...I only watch myself change...let each of us take their swing at the plate, for Andy is always good for another meaningless date....another time, another place --- how far will I go, then realize it might be too late to turn the clock back, to redeem myself, to rebuild who I am? When do I reach that line in the sand?

Or have I already used all of the sand in my hourglass....grinding away on the stone?

Smile....just grind and smile....and grind and bear it.

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