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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moving further away from sanity?

Well, got the majority of the moving done this past weekend and got an offer on the home in Metairie already. The moving company, Atmosphere Movers were excellent and highly recommended. Unpacking boxes and trying to maintain sanity are the two major issues of the day. I measured the distance of 40.1 miles from door to door from the new home in Mandeville. Leaving at 0545CST, I got to work right at 6:35. (50 mins) This versus the 6 miles or what would take about 12-15 minutes from Metairie at the same departure time. Trade-offs...quality of life? Additional expense? yet TBD at this point, but at least the weekends should be more enjoyable! :)

Blah...Gotta get more energy and more sleep.
Pics to follow soon! :)

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