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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Growing up.......

Yesterday was my birthday and I don't feel much older than I did let's say last Monday (grin), but I guess my life is moving me closer to my final walk down the seashore...waiting patiently for Charon to guide me across the river Archeron. :P
(What a grand event to behold!)

I do have slightly more aches and pains than I did even a few months ago, but that is probably just due to my inactivity and lack of time in the gym. I am going to join either Anytime or Snap (both 24/7 gyms in Mandeville) and use them in the evenings or mornings....shooting for a solid 3 days...heck all I need is a good eliptical machine, a smith machine and a nice selection of free weights and I am set!
I have never been comfortable in a large gym setting...prefering the focus and intensity that I get from quiet, private training. Many of the gyms have become so "active" that it is a more of a outing or a adult club than a workout facility. After-hour events, beer/wine, concerts, speed dating and cooking classes....what is all of this? Are we here to pickup people or weights?


In any case, feeling a little blah this week. Closing on the house next Monday (2/25)
and feel good about it...not about the $$$$ of moving and furnishing a larger home, but it comes with the plans I guess..... :)

Oh yeah....Had a nice birthday, cake with candles, shrimp pesto pasta...yummy.
All prepared for me for a nice change of pace. The cards from my children in the was an amazing day. Simple, yet meaningful.

This week --- almost done. Life is good.

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Katey said...

Dont think about that... :( No one should die. But thats just not how the world works, the point of life i have yet to compromise and make sense of, but you should think in the present. Not the future. Dont think in the past for your mistakes can never be changed, only your future actions will affect the person you will be. The sun wont set for a long long time, and many ammends are yet to be made. Make light of what you have in your heart. Not your mind.