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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving & Valentine's Fun....

What's the next logical step to make after selling my home in Hammond?
Well, closing on a new home later this month, of course! It is in Mandeville and on the water and should be a lot better place for entertaining, having fun, drinking some good cheap wine (grin) and just enjoying life.

I don't quite get all of the Valentine's Day hype. Compelled by guilt, streams of ordinary men shuffle into their nearest 24hr drug store and peer impatiently over the sea of red (overpriced) cardboard icons of true love and herd out to deliver these gifts to their esteemed partners. Add a box of chocolate, a dozen roses and you have the perfect compilation of nausea --- that is still so appealing to most women. I think it all about control and guilt. (and whipped men) I think you love someone all of the time, all days of the year, not ones when you need to demonstrate your affection through careless gestures of prepackaged enthusiasm. (oh how grand!)
I am not saying that celebrating your bond of love is a bad thing, just don't require men to do out of pure compulsion...for only 1 day of the year.......

Ahhhh, the jadedness? the joy and the laughter......... :P
Wonder if a big box of chocolate would get me even further out of the dog house?
I wonder if the dog died of Theobromine poisoning b/c of all of the chocolate?
I wonder if I would feel different if I had grown the cacao plant myself?
Would it still be a gift or a legitimate homage????

Hey, how about a walk on the levee??????
just keep smiling and turn LEFT... LOL

I miss the simplicity and magic.

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