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Sunday, November 29, 2009


As I drove home from the airport yesterday morning....I saw 5 brown pelicans soaring just inches above the crystal calm expansive lake in the midst of a glorious sunrise. Two sets flew in pair tandem, coupled together in serene peace & almost mystical rhythm flying on what appeared to be upon an invisible plane of glass on the actual surface of the water. Flapping their wings only briefly, then gliding beautifully for nearly 10 seconds across the surface without brushing the water.

Next I observed a lonely pelican flying, flapping his wings with the same intention, the same purpose, but just in solitude. It made me reflect upon the meaning of this and why this bird was flying alone. I was reminded of the times that I have been alone and the sadness, yet solemn peace that those events had brought to my life. It was through the lonely times that I learned more about my own path, my own flight through life....just inches above desperation at times, just moments without shadows, without light.

It made me lose focus on the schedule of the day, and just appreciate my blessings, my path & my life. It made me realize the significance of the simple joys of living and appreciating each moment. Nature has so much to teach us and to guide us if only we are open to the message.

Keep to the simple, live in the moment. Love all things.

Keep Soaring.

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Jamie said...

It's so nice that you take the time to notice that which is speaking to you. Most people are too distracted to notice the way God and even Soul (their Higher Self) is subtly bringing things to their attention. There are so many gifts in the moment to recognize, for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear. :-)