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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Director, I am.

Turning away from the well-trodden path painted so brilliantly before my immediate walk, I pause and close my eyes. I press onward, cautiously, knowing something lies ahead, but not possessing the prophetic knowledge to comprehend its revelation at this time. As I glide around a large oak tree, I view the calamity of two paths ahead broken and the immediate challenge presented. Almost expecting a pot of gold to appear, I jovially scan the low hanging limbs for a green-clad figurine with top-hat and magic wand. Alas, nothing here, but my indecisiveness on jumbotron. My life and my choices shining ever-present onto the cloth of reality, each stitch carrying the very sinew of my soul in vivid Technicolor.

Realizing the magnitude of the moment, I crouch down before the screen and watch the performance.
Separating the set and its actors from the stage and the audience isn't as simple as one might conclude.
The blending of reality and fiction is my specialty and at times, I lose track of my role and what is truly my part here to play out before the masses. Who are they expecting? What directs my performance? More importantly, has anyone even bothered to read the script?

Suddenly, I realize with immediate permanence....this performance is live. This is all my stage, all my characters, everything is exactly the way I choose.....Smiling outwardly and with a nod to my father, I comment to myself, "Henley was indeed right. I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.....Long live, Invictus!"

I stand up confidently in my new found conviction, and walk forward.


The stage is prepared......

"I better be as well.", I comment silently to myself.

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Lindylou said...

Hey Andy!

I personally would not be comfortable in life being my own Director.

I love the words you used, the capture of the moment and I even had to look up to words to define... your writing stretches me.

I love when you realize that the set of life is LIVE Action! What a moment!

And in a way we are all by our own free will choosing the next step we take in life.

Since we are so intertwined, you are right it is impossible to separate and isolate our choices from having a push, pull, rolling effect on the setting, script, actors and audience.

For me there is always an audience of 1 - God. Anyone else doesn't matter. So that one is easy to check with for me.

But we do have to be careful because we totally effect other's setting, script and the actors in their life.

That is way I let God be my Director. I bow to His higher wisdom and foreknowledge. The future may not be illuminated to me but I know it is to Him and no matter how people think they can live apart from Him and His ways it is simply a lie people repeat to themselves to continue to do what they want and ignore the obvious - in the end - we all stand naked before Him with all in our life exposed.

Most will burn up in the consuming fire of His glory because it was done in self and only subtle and hay in eternity... but for those of us who have attempted to walk with and in Him a few precious stones and metals will be evident after the purifying fire. Those are the only real treasure in life... they are truly eternal.

Consider this wisdom as you proceed forward and look not for the wide road that many are walking down, seek the narrow --often lonely - path. Glory will not be in this life, but for those who walk on the narrow path they will walk for eternity on streets of gold. If the streets are made of gold I can only try to imagine the wondrous surroundings we will behold all the days of time.