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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Taste of Tea

Ah, the warming taste of Chinese tea in the morning. It is a pure and simple moment that I look forward to each day. The Chinese believe that the process of creating anything is as important as the end result of the activity. From the utensils used to the care & patience given to the essential brewing of the tea, the motions are indeed a vital part of the relaxation. To this end, I brew "loose leaf" tea and not packaged tea bags. I find the quality of raw organic product higher than the sum of its assembly-line pre-bagged parts.

So, which tea is best?

I cannot consume any variety of green tea, as I find it to be too harsh on my body.
Accordingly, I have settled on white tea as my tea of choice. I am not picky about my tea, but I will admit that I have researched it enough to be dangerous. I have learned about the varieties grown, the regional soils, methods of harvesting & the final grades awarded to each type. So, I guess you can say that I am picky about my inherent knowledge of tea.

I have found that the standard grade of white tea is a mixed hybrid concoction known as White Peony tea. It is essentially a mixture of twigs, leaves and a few white buds. It is the Milwaukee's Best of White Tea, if that is even a remotely admissible comparison. On second thought, perhaps, simply the Budweiser of White Tea.

I primarily enjoy Silver Needle White Tea as my favorite. This tea is comprised of all flower buds only, no roughage, stems, twigs, leaves, dirt or filler. It is pure White Tea without the extras which help drive up the cost, but the quality more than compensates for that slight adjustment.

Rishi Silver Needle white tea ( Bai Hao Yinzhen) is a good introduction to the world of quality tea. Truly high quality silver needle tea is known to be very expensive with some batches reaching an estimated $122.00 an ounce. By comparison, this tea is sold for about $6.50 per ounce or about $.35 a cup.

TEA - Great for your mind, soul & overall health.

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