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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend --- Fun.....

Well, I got the mahogany redwood floors done including the new threshold that I had to strip, sand and restain (multiple times --- don't do I know how much urethane glue can adhere to everything when you don't want it to?) ---- :P

Got some new plants put in and life is good. Now, I have rejoined a gym for the first time since leaving Hammond, and I felt good today. Had a good 45 minute workout, felt strong especially considering the time apart from the gym, but I stay busy and active in general. I know it will be good for me, good for my health --- good for my mind. I cannot her from my mind even after all this time and I don't understand why. I just know we never got a real chance, and I let you down as a friend, but it is just in my mind --- she has long been gone away from these parts. Best to you, "M" --- wherever this message finds you.

Smiles, I am off to the beach tomorrow --- drop-top day I hope. Gonna try to catch the sunrise at the lakefront with my dog. Good intentions...alot of my past was built on those, not the best thing --- but I should actually make it.


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