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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Carpe Momento


I recently saw one of those faux antique signs in a small Venician-wanna be strip mall coffeehouse in Mandeville painted "Carpe Diem" --- I thought to myself that is a overused cliche' with little to no meaning these days. Seize the day? I am lucky if I get home in enough time to seize an minute. That is a fine message for utopians and those with unlimited time and zero responsibilities. In the average day, most people are so consumed with what they have to do to survive, to work, to live, to handle their kids, to just get things done...seize it? You are lucky if you can survive it --- most days.

So, I thought...seize the moment would be more appropriate. Moments are what classify and define the borders between the areas of active thought and presence and simply existing. The chances to reach out, to say the right thing, to trust in your heart, to apologize, to really empathize, to express yourself...those are moments, those are opportunities...capture the essence of that, the essence of who you truly are inside.


It has been nearly 2 months since my last post. Sicne then I have had my kids visit and I had surgery last week 4/22/08 which has not been fun at all, but it is all part of living and making each moment count. Now, I am a little more focused, a little less jaded and just a little calmer all around. Life is strange, unforgiving at times, mysterious at times...but in all, just a ride that you have to truly live to appreciate. Watching my parents get older and more feeble is depressing at times, but understandably part of the circle of life...the circle of moments.

I miss the moments that I see in my past at times, not fully understanding why.
It seems that I am still not able to move completely forward, to let go of those
who once stood there --- those moments just keep replaying in my mind. Perhaps it is just a cruel reality of life that we cannot choose our moments nor control which moments decide to stay in our hearts and minds --- which moments attempt to remind us of where we have been and how it felt to live.

Here's to better moments...

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JKC said...

Cheers to better moments my friend XD