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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stillness & Silence...

When darkness appears, the still solitude void of thought brings inference.
The metallic click of the obedient second hand languishes with a profound hesitancy.
Every minutia of sound and echo is magnified within our placid & reflective state.
The bustling radiance of the day is reduced to a mild whisper beyond the arid field of thought.
Stillness magnified by its own summoning to the forefront of the stage, bows gracefully but remains unaware.

Reaching across the bed frame, outstretched hands instinctively map out the nearby terrain.
Boulders of formed cotton stitched precisely into delicate patterns cloud the nape of the bed.
Empty pockets of solitude trap my emotions and besiege the delicacy of my idle existence.
Gone is my soul mate, her warmth and her gracefully steady hands and angelic outline.
Her physical body departed, her loving spirit ever present in this place.

Dream softly, my love.

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