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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is a hobby

If anyone knows me, it is that I have an abundance of hobbies that I get serious about then move on, only to return with a focused intensity angled squarely on mastering that one niche. I am not quite sure why I become so involved, so engaged into one whimsical discipline only to abdicate it completely, and walk away.

But I always return even though the process may take years.
Some of my hobbies that tend to keep me busy most weekends are:

-Adventure Racing
-Antique Pocket Watch Repair
-Volunteer work
-Chinese Calligraphy

I like to leave the world of work behind and finally after about 15 years, I am not on-call waiting for the world to melt each weekend. I can finally explore my interests with complete abandon and feel enriched before Monday morning. I believe that you truly need to live before you die & without getting all William Wallace on you, there is something magical in truly appreciating life, each moment.

By leveraging such a diversity of interests, I feed multiple sides of my body, mind & spirit. I feel the tactile history in handling & repairing 150 year old timepieces just as easily as I practice the patience & art of Chinese calligraphy on a 100 year old inkstone. I see God not in church, but I feel God in my photographs. I view His influence in my walk, in nature itself. I marvel at the simple magical moments that some people dismiss as wasteful distractions to a modern life.

Part of what I seek is a common thread that will tie some of this embattled chaos together. I sometimes feel that my life is a constant battlefield for my emotions and my thoughts. Becoming one thing, being known for one talent, one ability is just not important to me. I want to experience as much from life as I can during the proverbial dash on my tombstone.

On the work front, I am blessed. I am humbled by my success at work, that aspect of professionalism which defines my career. I am secretly proud of myself and the fact that I have overcome so much to make something worthy of my life and my ability to make a real difference for a great company. I am thankful each day for the opportunities that I have been given & I have not wasted a single second of those moments.

All-in-all, there is a lot to learn and even more to live in life.
Regardless of your interests or your career, Make enjoying life your hobby.

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